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IFon is an international federation of independent national ID-judo associations and legal guardians of people with an intellectual disability.

Happy holidays

Happy holidays Dear ID-Judoka, Presidents of world federations, sports officials, coaches and legal guardians of people with intellectual disabilities in the competitive para-sport of ID judo.
The President of the IFoN, Klaus Gdowczok, expresses pride in the dedicated ID judo community and aspiring participation in the 2024 Paralympics. He urges global sports federations to adhere to UN CRPD rules and involve people with intellectual disabilities in decision-making. Gdowczok emphasizes fair competition and human respect, highlighting the role of IFoN in realizing this vision.

ID-Judo becomes Paralympics

ID-Judo becomes Paralympics
We are sure that all nations, their federations, and ministries will join our motion and supportively work on many levels for the barrier-free implementation of the participation of intellectual impaired judoka in Paralympic competitive sport. 

The IPC has not denied our request to provide participation 

for our daughters, sons and legally supervised, more than  

10.000 ID judoka active in Paralympic judo! 

The path has begun: 

„ID Judo Becomes Paralympic“

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,

Dear ID Judoka, Dear parents and families, Dear coaches & trainers, a very difficult time that we all must face in the last two years, worldwide. Corona has very rarely allowed us to get together, our beloved sport the Judo, one of the most valuable sports for all people and especially for our people,…


Dear All, Presidents of all Federations in the World to all sports federations of the world, to all Heads of Goverment June 2019    „ID-Judo that´s Fire & Soul“   Equal opportunities: the competition classes do not have to be oriented to performance in order to create equal opportunities in the sense of para…

History in Judo

1. World Championship Judo / ID-JUDO  19.-22.10.2017 @ COLOGNE -GERMANY Supported by IJF & INAS-FID